You have to be an expert in everything! You’ve got to be all-knowledgeable about the products and services, you’re chief of sales, marketing and customer service, you’re also the guru of operations and a social worker for staff problems … and of course an expert on business financial control!

The point is you can’t be an expert in all. Whilst with some of these skills, you can become good over time, if you don’t have the training, you can never be a good Management or Financial Accountant, Financial Controller or CFO to yourself! And can your tax accountant help with Financial Control?

"We can provide expert help on any business financial matters...part time or as you need help."
Anil Mehra

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Cost Effective

Unlike most accounting firms who charge hourly rates for their services, MY Own CFO charges a flat monthly or quarterly fee which includes all the services that your business needs.

We’re confident we can help you save much more than you spend on our services.

Flexible service and cost that can by increased or decreased as your needs change.

More timely and quality information.

We provide you with a smart Financial Controller for your business, without the cost of a full time person with all the on-costs.

Increased Profitability

Giving you more confidence and time to run your business.

  • Achieve more:We can help you reduce operating costs, overcome business challenges, find funding for growth, and much more
  • Improve Cash Flow: Complete Accounts analysis, Stock or work in progress control, Managing interest and tax owing, Cash flow forecasting, Maximise processes & systems for business efficiency
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